Artful Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where two or more people who are experiencing differences that have (or threatens to) become a serious conflict enter into a process with a neutral person, the mediator, to find solutions.

When you decide to mediate, you will have taken an important step toward resolving your conflict.  Mediation puts the power to resolve the dispute where it belongs – in the hands of the participants.  The mediator and participants work together to reach an agreement that all participants find reasonable and in their best interests.  Some of the advantages of mediation over litigation are that it is usually faster, much less expensive, confidential, and the important decisions about your relationship and your future remain in your hands.

What is Artful Peer Mediation?

Artful Peer Mediation is a program to develop sustainable peer mediation programs in schools and community centers, recognizing the unique talents and interests that each young person brings to table. Artful Mediation works to curb conflict and violence by incorporating arts into the training and practice of the peer mediator, also involving staff, parents and the arts community in the project of making peace.

What happens in a mediation session? 

In a traditional mediation, each participant will get an opportunity to talk about the situation without interruption.  Then, there will be an open discussion and the mediator will help you to decide what the important issues are.  With Artful Mediation creative expressions of the conflict-laden situations and creative resolutions are incorporated into this process.  If you reach an agreement, the mediator will write it down in a mediation memo and make sure it says what you want it to say.  Each participant will sign and receive a copy of the agreement.   If you are filing for divorce the mediator will help you obtain the forms you need to file with the court.  You may want to have a lawyer look over your agreement to give you independent legal advice.

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Why Artful Mediation?

Storytellers utilize conflict as a means of character development.

A plot-heavy story is one in which there is conflict yet no character arc, no character development.  Narrative mediators refer to this as “conflict-saturated” narratives.  Artful Mediation focuses on character development as much as the conflict and settlement in achieving conflict resolution.

Online Family Mediation for divorce

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