Josie Lam

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I do straight photography,done in camera without any type of photo manipulation because I believe that things are beautiful as is rather than being fabricated. There are some exceptions, but having to falsify and create something that is not real is not what I specialize in. I tend to stick with what’s natural rather than creating something that takes hours to make on Adobe Photoshop. Ironically one exception is the masthead photograph of Spirit Studio, perhaps the first photograph of mine you’ve seen.  There I created a panoramic view of the gallery from a number of photographs, so you get the sense of the space as if you were right there and turning your head, left to right.
The photographers of the past that inspire me are Imogen Cummingham, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ken Josephson. The photographers of era that inspire me are Jill Greenberg and Sally Mann. Aside from photography, there are many things that inspire me: family, close friends, curiosity, colors, music lyrics, life experiences, my emotions, colors because it can evoke an emotion and it can go well with a conceptual idea, such as a Christmas theme using red and green. Emotions can be anything, from how I’m feeling on a certain day to how I felt during a certain point in my life, so the color gets the viewer to think deeper, past what is evident in shapes. I simply want to be able to tell a story and express myself by using my photography as an art that is not tainted by using or overusing photo manipulation; I, Josie Lam, am a straight shooter in this modern era.