Sarah Boehmke

Art Opening Club

Are you a creative looking to find time to create?
Or you might now really believe you are creative, but have some ideas you would like to explore… if only you had time!

Join Sarah Boehmke on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for an hour of self exploration and creativity. No need to bring anything but yourself.

Spirit Studio 3711 Evans St. Los Angeles, CA

Contact sarahboehmke(a)gmail(dot)com with questions!

Doorways Art Show Opening
February 7, 2015 7-10pm

DoorIMG_47131ways is a creative exploration of the door, gateway, entrance, archway and portal as seen through the eyes and imagination of individuals ranging in age from 6 to 94 years.

The inspiIMG_4753ration for each doorway derives from an interview and guided visualization leading to a unique portrait of an imagined passageway for each individual at that moment in time.

Close your eyes and imagine a doorway to a place you are meant to be. What do you see?


DoorScapes Door Design
Is your front door boring?



Graphic Design and Photo Editing

Incendiary flyer Towel retouch example


Fine Art and Mixed Media Installations

Veinsf 13 -2006 1 Control Tower Vast Deferens