Drop off supplies for Standing Rock, Saturday Nov 19th, 4-6 p.m.

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Two Arroyo S.E.C.O Network of Time Banks members and Artwalk’s Executive Director will be driving to Standing Rock to deliver supplies to Oceti Sakowin Camp. Care to donate? Bring items to St. Francis Center, 3621 Brunswick Ave., L.A. (Atwater Village), 90039 on Saturday, Nov. 19, 4-6PM.What they need (from the camp’s website):

Winter is coming. Every day in camp preparations are being made for the coming cold weather. Lodges are being built, provisions gathered and stored, winter clothes and blankets distributed to all who need them. We will require much more to keep everyone in camp safe and warm. North Dakota winters can be especially brutal.

We have a list of items still needed for our winterization effort. This list is dynamic and changes as we meet certain needs and others arise. Please consult the list if you want to donate a specific item.

The sacred fire must be kept burning until it is guaranteed the water is protected for future generations. One of our greatest needs for the winter will be wood. It warms our lodges, cooks our food, heats the stones for our sweats.

Tipis, winter liners, and poles

Yurts or other winter worthy structures

Warm lodges will be essential to the Water Protectors health and well being. The Camp is scrambling everyday to winterize and prepare for the cold weather. Help with a warm hearth is still needed.

Blankets, winter sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cots

There is a reason a warm wool Pendleton or Hudson Bay Co. blanket is a highly valued traditional gift, warm blankets are essential to survival in North Dakota winters. We still need more warm sleeping gear.

Insulated boots and other cold weather clothing

Insulated gloves, work gloves

Many Water Protectors arrived in camp during the warm summer months, with gear for warm weather. We had hoped this would be all resolved by now, but the drive of greed is strong. Now we must gear up for winter, all manner of winter clothing in a variety of sized is still required.

Bulk Food Supplies

Generous support has poured a healthy volume of food for the Camp over the summer. Those are dwindling or expiring. A wide range of [freeze-dried] foods will need to be stockpiled for the winter. More supplies are required to survive a this winter.

Heating Stoves for tents


Although we endeavor to minimize the carbon footprint of the Camp through utilizing solar and wind generators, and a recycling program, we also must be mindful of our impact on the local tree population. Therefore we ration the use of wood for fires and use propane in the kitchens. The kitchens provide three meals everyday for many in Camp.

Hay and Hay Bales (Except Roberta and Greg will NOT have room for hay!)
Horses are a central part of Lakota/Dakota/Nakota life and culture. Horses live in the camp in the traditional way, close to the people. Much hay must be stored to properly care for our relatives, the horses.
Square Straw Bales
Pellets and Pellet Stoves
Winter Boots
AAA Batteries
Plastic Tubs
Milk Crates
Solar LED Lights
Sewing Machines
Material, Ribbon, Thread
Phone Cards – StraightTalk, Verizon
Gas Cards
Flooring, Carpet
Snow Vehicle – For Medic
Snow Plow for Camp Roads
Sage, Cedar, Herbs
Ice Chests
Horse Feed
ATV’s – Security
Small Snowplows, Snow Shovels
Shovels, Axes, Malls
Walkie Talkies
Lumber / Building Materials
Heating Elements
Goggles – Security
Cell Signal Boosters
Recycle Bins
Laptops & Portable Printers
Printer Paper
Solar, Solar Chargers
Renewable Batteries
Wood stoves
GoPros (For filming actions for the safety of Water Protectors)

We appreciate the many items people have already sent over the summer. Now our preparations and requirements have changed. Everything is focused on preparing for the winter. Items we no longer need:

No more school supplies, your generous help has fully stocked our school.

No summer tents.

No light summer clothes.

Cash donations are acceptable, and will be used for needs at the camp fairly and equitably. This is a traditional Lakota Camp, everyone’s needs are shared and met by all. You may donate cash the following ways:

PayPal: www.paypal.me/ocetisakowincamp

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Thanks so much, everyone, and Lee and John in particular. Note that summer tents and school supplies aren’t needed, and that cash donations will be a huge help, are most transportable, and will go directly to the Camp. We’re covering our own travel expenses.

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Lee Conger
Lee Conger “cash … most transportable”
Roberta Morris
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If anyone is taking stuff to this drop off from Altadena/Pasadena area, please let me know!!!

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Kristina Garcia Siegel
Kristina Garcia Siegel We are leaving from West Altadena!
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Lee Conger replied · 3 Replies · 50 mins
Roberta Morris
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Found this list of needed supplies:

>>At this time we have a surplus of clothes and are only seeking very warm, good condition coats, sweaters, and other winter wear.
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Roberta Morris
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The Whittier Free Store has a lot of stuff to contribute! We’ll put together a list.

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Roberta Morris
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