In Mollie’s Memory

Photo: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times


Mollie Lowery, a friend of homeless people across Los Angeles, founder of LAMP Community, and Ocean Park Community, died Monday July 25th ( LAMP is featured in Steven Lopez’s book and the film, The Soloist (2009) that tells the story of one journalist who befriends one homeless person, and how both their lives are changed. We can all do this.

Mollie showed us how.  She started out as a Catholic nun, became  Episcopalian and remained a tireless advocate for the homeless, working on their behalf even in her last days. Now, in Mollie’s memory, let’s make each other’s acquaintance. If every housed resident in LA made the acquaintance of one homeless person in our neighborhood or where we work, every homeless person would have more than 80 friends, if only every housed Catholic in LA befriended one homeless person each would have about 30 friends, and if only every Episcopalian made the acquaintance of one homeless person, every homeless person would have one or two housed friends. What difference would that make? Maybe it would soon change everything.

See the video honoring Mollie Lowery, founder of Lamp Community

For years, Mollie Lowery, who worked tirelessly on Los Angeles’ skid row, also led the homeless mentally ill on treks through the Sierra Nevada mountains in the belief that nature can help people heal. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)

Steve Lopez

Population of Los Angeles, 3,806,777

Population of Los Angeles-Long Beach  18,679,763

Number of homeless in LA: 47,000

Number of Episcopalians in Los Angeles:  70,000 members