State of emergency for homelessness? No quick fixes but we can do this

So now it’s official:  Homelessness is a state of emergency in LA.  It’s been a state of emergency for each person who has gone homeless for some time, so these folks are already the experts.  Artwalk intends to ask homeless people about what might be done, and we’ll post their responses.

We’re also working with the Renters Day coalition, LA Tenants Union/SILA, Coalition for Economic Survival and … there are faith-based groups working on this.  If you ever work in or near a church you know this is one place homeless folks congregate, seek help, and sometimes sleep.  Let’s ask these fellow parishioners: What will help to end homelessness or at least alleviate this crisis?  If you want to work, or work more vigorously on an artful response, let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Homeless is not hopeless.

Roberta Morris