November is National Novel Writing Month

Everyone in the Writing Group that meets at Spirit Studio on Sundays is writing a novel, so some of us are taking up the challenge to join in this one-month-novel-writing extravaganza.  Contact me at for more information or just sign up at thee NaNoRiMo website and then join us at Spirit Studio for support:

Ready to Write a Novel?

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  •  Write a novel in a month!
  •  Track your progress.
  •  Get pep talks and support.
  •  Meet fellow writers online and in person.
National Novel Writing Month - Press Start

Laundry Love

The ACC and Artwalk joins Holy Spirit, MCC and other volunteers to open a neighborhood laundry and offer people a chance to do their laundry for free.  For some people having the money and soap is a luxury; for everyone it’s a good time.  And often there is food and art supplies.  Check out the article about the Huntington Beach Laundry Love, and consider joining us or donating quarters – we need lots of quarters and volunteers.