SEXUAL MERCY launch party in Toronto, July 3rd

Executive Director of Artwalk Inc. joins award winning author in Toronto Canada for the launch of their novel Sexual Mercy.  Read below what a priest and a former Jesuit seminarian have to say about why they, of all people, would write erotica.


Asked Why is a priest writing about this?” Roberta Morris responds:

Actually, Paul and I both studied to become priests.  He was… well, Paul, you tell this story.  I trained to become a deacon, did that to serve as a chaplain to the arts, and that’s what I’m doing in Los Angeles.  I curate art exhibitions and events at Spirit Studio in SilverLake, Los Angeles, a very LGBTQ positive place.  I just curated a show called “The Body” there.  We also do a thing called “Laundry Love”, giving people a chance to get all their laundry done for free.  It’s the next thing on the list that’s difficult for homeless folks – to have enough quarters and soap and to feel welcome in a laundromat; bodies need clean socks and bedding and friendship.  It’s really like a laundry party.

So here we are writing erotica, which is not new for either of us and is probably rooted in our spirituality for both of us, though I don’t want to talk for Paul on this.  When people talk about “family values” and the Bible, my question is always, “Have you read it?”  Start to finish, there’s sex in all its glorious variety.  God created us, and this is God’s image.  Take a look but don’t just look.  Touch.  Get in touch with your own sexuality and you’ll get in touch with God’s creative power in our lives.  Repression is against the spirit, against our own better angels.  We call it making love for a reason, and “God so loved the world…”  I want to emphasize sexual love, only because it’s been so repressed in the churches and by the church.  There are all forms of love, love of neighbor, doing laundry.  That’s making love too.