“Doorways” by Sarah Boehmke

Mixed Media Art Show

Doorways Opening PostcardDoorways is a creative exploration of the door, gateway, entrance, archway and portal as seen through the eyes and imagination of individuals ranging in age from 6 to 94 years.

The inspiration for each doorway derives from an interview and guided visualization leading to a unique portrait of an imagined passageway for each individual at that moment in time.

Close your eyes and imagine a doorway to a place you are meant to be. What do you see?

Show running February 6 – March 12, 2015
Contact 213-359-6679 for a private viewing or questions

Upcoming Art Show – “The Body”

ARTWALK INC exhibition at SPIRIT STUDIO in Silver Lake, LA
April 20 – June 8 2014

Louweez by David Martin“Louweez” by David Martin

Opening Easter Day, Artwalk Inc is curating an art exhibition “The Body”.  Nothing subtle there – this exhibition celebrates our physicality:  live bodies, Spring, new life, in the Christian tradition the bodily resurrection of Jesus, in the LA tradition anything goes.
There will be events associated with this exhibition, including an opening and closing event, possibly life drawing sessions, and if you have something to suggest or offer just let us know ASAP.

Artists, please send photos of proposed works for this exhibition with the dimensions to rmorris.artwalk(at)gmail(dot)com

Coming soon:
July/August – OUTSIDE(R) ART Inside and out
An exhibition of “outsider art” will be exhibited inside Spirit Studio and execution of work on the south wall on Evans St.

Fall 2014 Still Barred in LA
Prisoners and parolees will show their work for sale, with information sessions about prison conditions, early release programs, and prison reform.