For Profit immigrant prisons. Can you write an immigrant/refugee detainee?

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“The U.S. has the largest immigration detention system in the world.

On any given day, over 40,000 children and adults are languishing in immigrant jails and prisons. They don’t have access to a court-appointed attorney, a free phone call, or a speedy trial. Many of them are subjected to medical neglect, sexual and physical assault, and other forms of human rights abuses. Two-thirds of people in U.S. immigration detention are in private prisons and the rest are locked up in county and city jails, all of which profit off their misery. The U.S. government and the private prison industry have been exporting immigration detention to governments across the globe. This is unacceptable.”  Brave New Films.

Letter-writing is an art.  Practice it.  Practice Justice.

Hurry to Santa Monica – Today!

Please join us for  the 2nd Annual SPY Art Show and Music Showcase
created and curated by SPY Member Artists!
Featuring a live music showcase by SPY Member
Singers and Songwriters.
All SPY volunteers are invited to contribute art to be displayed for donation or just for show. Please contact Sarah Boehmke, Healing Arts Program Manager for more information at
Art for sale & snacks and refreshments served!
All art sales will go towards supporting the youth artists! 70% of each sale will go directly to the artist, 23% to SPY for studio and supply fees, and 7% to Art Walk Inc, the 3rd party vendor managing sales. All participating youth artists are trained in sales , gallery use, and money management skills as part of this program.