Chapel of St Francis-Atwater 

Episcopal Church
Address: 3621 Brunswick Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039
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STRONG WORDS Saturday night at 7:30 – our final Silver Lake show


It’s the end of an era as we say goodbye to our beautiful space before heading east to Atwater (date to be announced).

We are going out with a bang!  Some crazy new stories, an amazing art exhibit direct from San Francisco and brand new music from a sexy singing yogi. Namaste!

You won’t want to miss. It’s going to be an amazing party

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State of emergency for homelessness? No quick fixes but we can do this

So now it’s official:  Homelessness is a state of emergency in LA.  It’s been a state of emergency for each person who has gone homeless for some time, so these folks are already the experts.  Artwalk intends to ask homeless people about what might be done, and we’ll post their responses.

We’re also working with the Renters Day coalition, LA Tenants Union/SILA, Coalition for Economic Survival and … there are faith-based groups working on this.  If you ever work in or near a church you know this is one place homeless folks congregate, seek help, and sometimes sleep.  Let’s ask these fellow parishioners: What will help to end homelessness or at least alleviate this crisis?  If you want to work, or work more vigorously on an artful response, let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Homeless is not hopeless.

Roberta Morris


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Artwalk Participates in PORTRAITS OF HOPE

In mid-August, thousands of spheres will be floating on the MacArthur Park lake in downtown Los Angeles. You could be a part of it! Come paint some spheres.

24-hour Paint-a-thon!  Join us this Saturday, August 1st!

Email rmorris.artwalk@gmail.com for more information


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Art Opening Club

Are you a creative looking to find time to create?
Or you might now really believe you are creative, but have some ideas you would like to explore… if only you had time!

Join Sarah Boehmke on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for an hour of self exploration and creativity. No need to bring anything but yourself.

Spirit Studio 3711 Evans St. Los Angeles, CA

Contact sarahboehmke(a)gmail(dot)com with questions!

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